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20six hundred — similar artists: 20six hundred, future 80's records, advection stride, backfrom84, neo-satan, the starfighter, eerie sopor, mega dead agitator, ROBORG, jupiter-8, ectoplague, z6b3r, in†ersigno, vanity drum, midnight mantics, papillon rising, midnight driver, timedriver, LeveL 1, Timestalker, spaceinvader, Neon City Murder, tekc 909, The Neon Droid, Index Code, synth replicants, fae moonbeam, megaforce hellion, seffi, synthatiger, clusterbuster, gregorio franco, STRAPLOCKED, Watch Out For Snakes, saymon sixtyhate, new management, werkstatt recordings, Glitch Black, obsidian radioactive, interstellar mercenaries, cottage cult, see thomas howl, video video, body expander, miami calling, neon arcadia, Synthspiria, Retröxx, ghosthost, neon retro compilations, phazer axe, the crucifix, ZXSP, facexhugger, atomic messiah, niky nine, beatbox machinery,