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jacques demierre
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tags: experimental improvisation piano contemporary jazz
subdomains: creativesources meenna insub wideearrecords panyrosasdiscos confrontrecordings sylviecourvoisier sylviecourvoisier1 cave12 flexion bocian

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09/2023 A Right to Silence ddk trio jacques demierre axel dörner jonas kocher
experimental improvisation instant composition similar
06/2023 a falling sound jacques demierre martina brodbeck
experimental piano electroacoustic minimalism improvised music cello similar
05/2023 The Hills Shoutjacques demierre
experimental jazz improvisation piano contemporary
09/2021 Baroque Summerbrice catherin jacques demierre anouck genthon matthias klenotabad
experimental improvisation contemporary classical creative commons [CC BY-ND] NYP
09/2020 tǝɣǝritjacques demierre anouck genthon
experimental similar
05/2019 HOODOOSsylvie courvoisier jacques demierre
experimental jazz improvisation piano free jazz contemporary
05/2019 HOODOOS [CAA-008] ★★☆sylvie courvoisier jacques demierre
experimental improvisation piano free jazz new music similar
04/2016 floating piece of spacejacques demierre jonas kocher axel dörner
experimental acoustic minimal contemporary improv
12/2014 The Thirty And One Pianosjacques demierre
electronic experimental improvisation free NYP
04/2013 Öcca cyril bondi d'incise jacques demierre jonas kocher
experimental avant-garde classical electronic music improv postmodern similar
03/2010 Brain & Balls BBQbuttercup metal polish jacques demierre
experimental improvisation
06/2008 One Is Landjacques demierre
experimental improvisation
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